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I need a datasheet for this car speaker


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Resently I found an 100w car speaker element. I'm planing to build a subwoofer/mid-range speaker for my computer. But I need a datasheet for it to optimise the size of the box for it.
                        /                  \            Here is a "pic" of the back of the element.
                      /    cs-xg638    \
                      /  3-way coaxial  \
                      i 10oz strontium  i
                    i  HHC/PRO 100W  i
                      i Cone                  i
                      \          JVC          / 
                        \ HSA1699-01U /
                        \  no.13605B  /
Regards Ihme.

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JVC.com has no info about the speaker, so maybe it is counterfeight.
Google has a link to E-Bay in France where a pair are being sold, but the newer 02A version.
It is a mid-woofer that is only 6.5 inches with a fairly small magnet. It has a narrow rubber surround which indicates not far throw, which is needed for a subwoofer. It is too small for a subwoofer but might be OK with low power and a lot of bass-boost.
100W would blow it up!


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It looks like an ordinary cheap car speaker. If you don't want to pay the manual people to see some "specs" that might not say what you need, you could measure its free-air resonance by feeding it through a 100 ohm resistor fron a sinewave generator.
I betcha that it resonates at about 100Hz, and won't make much sound at lower frequencies. If you enclose it in a sealed box, its resonance will rise in frequency and will be boomy. A huge ported box might allow loud bass down to only about 80Hz.
Make sure that its tiny tweeter is real. I've seen many cheap car speakers with a piezo whistle as a tweeter and many with just a photo of a tweeter stuck on.

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