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Hi. I had this unusual problem with the inverter when I connected the batteries. Initially at lower loads (50 watts) it worked fine. But when I started connecting additional loads (100 watts) and batteries in parallel, the inverter would work for 15 seconds and then stop functioning. The emitter resistors would get hot indicating a stuck oscillator. Finally, I managed to blow up the IC probably because of an inrush during one of those off cycles. The power transistors were all safe! In hindsight, I feel, the input voltages to the IC needs to be fed through a resistor of a nominal value say 100 ohms - the circuit consumes just about 10 mA. Secondly, a relay in the circuit that cuts of the low side supply to the square wave generator first followed by a delayed cut off the high side supply will reduce the load on the power line switch/ relay. Any one had similar experience?

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Hi Sure,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
The oscillator in a CD4047 is pretty simple and is guaranteed to work with a supply voltage of 3V to 18V or more (22V for TI). Since yours stopped then later blew-up, I think it was bad from the start.

I agree that adding a 100 ohm resistor to feed its power is a good idea. Adding a 12V zener diode across it would be even better. ;D

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hi there, i am kachew here....hehe....can i ask  about the sine wave inverter circuit? did anyone try on the circuit post by MP? because i now have similar project on inverter too....my output also need be a sine wave output and surge capability 300W can anyone help me in this project coz after i read all the posts also not really understand and i;m weak in electronics theory...plz help me... :'(

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