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Making LEDs turn on at a certain resistance

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Hi Ribrab,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
It looks like you want the LEDs to light one after the other, like a bargraph.
A pot won't do it, and its value of 100k if far too high to provide enough current for a single LED to be seen. You could do it with a multi-position switch.

You need a bargraph IC to switch on the LEDs one after the other depending on the input voltage.
The LM3914 IC has outputs for 10 LEDs and each of its 10 input voltage steps is equal, so it can indicate voltage.
The LM3915 IC has outputs for 10 LEDs and each of its 10 input voltage steps is logarithmic, so it can indicate the volume from an audio amplifier or microphone.
Both ICs can operate with a moving dot of light, for low operating current from a battery, or a lighted bar where at full scale all 10 LEDs are lighted. ;D 

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Try the character map utility in sytem tolls in windows with the symbol font. u'll get all the greek letter sybmols. just select one and click copy to copy to clipboard and paste it where u need it like this W. if u get a W written then just select it and change its font to Symbol. The Symbol font is a windows system font which is installed with the OS. ;)

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