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:)im gona pay my repects here to the brains behind electronics lab, mixos and mp  and all those inteligent electronics exsperts like audio guru and ante and endlless others who contribiuted to this site which grows day by day and even the views of topics,  grows and the statistics to,  ive been serching the net for years collecting ideas and electronic circuits and so far this is the best site to be a member of and im proud of it , theres even stuff here that no other site has,  ideas and even hard to find decent circuits  to  and a great supply of info  electronics lab is so easy to jion and make contribiutions to by posting circuits and ideas , electronics lab rules for ever , put your hands together all and praise the brilliance of this top site and its creators .

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I'll definitely mention the eLab in the acknowledgment  of my thesis.. the site has been a lot of help in my study.. I thank God for having experts here that never goes tired of helping newbies!! i would like to commend audioguru for the very big help he is giving me!!

Keep this site up and running guyz, you're helping a lot!!

Maraming salamat po!
(Thank you very much!)
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