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Hi Guys,
I found a small program that calculates pi to umpteen decimal places of accuracy.
My Pentium4-2.97GHz pc does its 2M selection (click on upper left corner to select) in 1 minute, 43 seconds. With Norton, my anti-spyware and everything else disabled, it took a few seconds longer. My pc's fan speeds-up when the program runs.
The challenge is on!


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Hi Guys,

Mine has 1Gb RAM it’s a Dell Inspiron 9300 running an Intel centrino @ 2GHz it has a separate graphic card with 256Mb. Some laptops borrow memory for graphics from RAM, this slows things down considerably.
My DVD burner is also a dual layer but the disks are 9€ each :o, for the same amount I get at least 15 single layer disks. So that’s my excuse for not having tried it yet. ;D

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