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hi everybody , me and my friend have designed( actually changed smth on a schematic:) a reg for non simetric transformer the point is the transformer connections.
its workin ok now, but i dont have a chance to measure or see all effects on output, is that kind of connections has a disadvantage , we dont have a simetric output transformer right now so we have done that,
pls help us for a further and better reg with output of + and - voltage.
and if u got any other opionions pls let us now, for eg. current amplificaiton .
we thinkin about add some outputs for stabile +5v +9 +12 and we have to take theese outputs from the connection point of c3 and c5 too, unfortunately this transformer is the only big power transformer we have got, it has 0 24 48 volt ac outputs, i can find a lineer one like 48 0 48 around also they are a little expensve for us so we use it like this
is that effect bad?or what could happen? any modification idea or needage for better reg?
thnx for help
sorry for bad english :)


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