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Guest AngeloFranca

are you sure about what you mean by "any kind"? Almost any circuit simulator can simulate any kind of circuit, the matter is you must have an exact spice model of the devices you use. Multisim is a very versatile simulator. You can make anaolg and digital simulations and you have a lot of instruments to watch simulation results. You can also add spice model of real components, with all parasitic components. A negative aspect is that the program does not have a layout utility, so you can only simulate. Another disadvantage is that you have to buy it (or have it crakced from e-mule), while there are a lot of free ware software such as LTSPICE (see www.ltspice.linear.com/software/swcadiii.exe)

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What do the virtual diodes and other virtual components in MULTISIM mean? Does it imply that they are non-ideal and hence practical?

Virtual components allow you to set their parameters to any value you like — even if you could not actually find a part with those values in real life. Great for illustrating theoretical concepts.
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