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American DJ Pocket Scan

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Hi all,
Usually, I lurk for a while before making requests on boards but I'm forced to bypass that habit here today.
I have a couple American DJ brand "Pocket Scan" DMX lights that are misbehaving. These are small moving head (stepper motor) lights with a couple gobos for shape & color plus a small laser in them in addition to the standard color/gobo lamp. I contacted ADJ, but they refuse to give out anything but a schematic for the units - no service manuals of any kind. They just say none are available. I'm sure when these were the "Next big thing" and new they were available, but not now I guess.

Anyone have anything for these things? I'd love to at least troubleshoot the units before I just start throwing money at parts. Logic board assys run over $100 each for these things and they have maybe $5 worth of parts on them.

- Gnarles

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I think I can get a schematic from them, I guess that's the next step huh? ;)

The main problem with one of them is that it'll just keep resetting itself over & over again. Sometimes it goes through it's initializing sequence (self test) and reset. Other times, it'll work for a while (less than 5 minutes) then start resetting itself. It powers itself down & restarts at reset. Maybe that might be telling where in the circuit to start looking for problems?

- Gnarles

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Hi Gnarles,

I have to tell you; I don’t know anything about these gizmos! However a schematic could shed some light over it and attract more members to try to help you. The first thing I would check is the power supply and its connections for glitches since you have sudden “restarts” and resets! ;)

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