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Hey as you can see im new to this site as well as electronics. I have been trying to find some good plans to build electronic things but its usually just crap sites with ads or kits they want you to buy. But this site was the opposite. Anyway i want to learn about electronics and be able to build to build electronics. I was wondering how everyone else learnt cos i cant understand 50% of the plans on this site. Where should i start? Is there some easy beginner plans?

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There are a lot of great articles on this site. Start with "articles" from the main page, and especially this one: http://www.electronics-lab.com/articles/basics/theory/index.html. Plus ask questions in the "Electronics Chit Chat" forum. This section is specifically for questions about the projects listed on this site. MP will probably be by later to break your knee caps for posting this question here :-). Don't worry, it's happened to many of us.

Good luck!

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