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Transformer replacement


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Does it have a schematic inside it? That is the one thing I really liked about the older equipment. They almost always glued a schematic inside the box so you could fix it someday.
If you have one, you could scan it in. A forum member might be able to tell you where to check for voltages, what looks like a weak link, etc.


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Transformers pass alternating current and normally are used to step up or step down voltage. The reason to change or replace the transformer is to fix damaged that can be caused by gross under loading and impedance mis-matching, among other things. Transformers can carry dangerous levels of electrical power, so be careful while replacing the transformers, it may cause serious injury or even death. The replacement transformer must be a low-voltage dry-type, meeting or exceeding the TP-1 efficiency standard. The rated size (kVA) of the replacement transformer must be equal to or less than the existing transformer replaced.

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