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Trace current limitations


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I've done a few projects making my own PCB using standard mil traces, but overall have never concerned myself too much with trace size because everything I was doing was low current/voltage.

Well I've kind of crossed that line, and I've built up a project that is tripping a 120VAC relay (NC side, not coil... Coil is 5VDC), and the device I'm powering off of this relay has the potential of 900Watts.. So potentially 7-8 amps. The relay and the terminal block that I'm feeding the device off of are rated far beyond this (10Amps), but by question is, is there a chart or guide or article anywhere that approaches the limits of trace size (like the limits of wire size). My relay and terminal block are PCB mount, and I really would like to keep everything on one board instead of running leads places.

Any input would be great. Thanks,

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