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max038 project using Eagle 4.15

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Im working on a function generator using the max038 IC Picture below

The question is when I go to the board and auto generate the nets. Is there any tried and true way to place the components so as to minimize extranious routes along the circuit board

Also below is a link to the above sch file if anyone is interested.


Dennis Waggoner

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When you go to the board layout, you will see all of the components connected together with air wires. By looking at these, you should be able to determine where the parts should be placed for the shortest wires. You can move them all around before routing.
A tip: I usually try to place all of the ICs in the same direction so that it is easy to see if one is soldered into the board wrong from the pick and place machine. It also makes for a nicer looking board.
This is also a good tip for hobbyists making boards with no silkscreen layer.


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