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A DIL video decoder


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Hello all..

First off, nice site.

I have a slight problem. I'm trying to build a video system PCB, but one component I need, a video ADC/decoder to convert an analogue PAL signal to a digital one (such as BT.656), seems pretty rare. I imagine there must be more of these things around, as there are countless video products available.

One device I found, the Texas Instruments TVP5150A, would work well. I ordered one. But somewhere along the line I didn't notice that it's a surface-mounted MQFP - not very usable when I'm soldering all this together. Ideally, TI would supply a nice big DIP version of this, but this isn't an ideal world and they don't (afaik).

So, does anyone know, off the tops of their heads, of something that might possibly suit? Or, better yet, a way of attaching a SM MQFP device to a soldered PCB?


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