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Led Needed

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These leds that r available at bagoleds are very low brightness and are also colored leneses. Depending what u use them for,,,they ers low quality and dim !!! Perhaps you need them as an indecator only,,then they era fine for that ! But if you are using them to light something you will want to buy higher quality such as the ones with clear lenses and alot higher mcds normally sold at best hong kong on e-bay !!

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Check this out

100 leds for $1.50 thats $15 a thousand.

For what it is worth.....I have purchased several hundreds of the "Bag of LED" deals from Circuit Specialists in the past. Have never had a problem with them. They are standard brightness LEDs and are not like the newer super bright ones that are available today..... but then, I am from the generation where LEDs used to be very expensive.
These have been plenty bright for all of the projects that I have worked on.
If you are using LEDs as a lamp, you certainly need to pay attention to specs on brightness. However, if you just want a standard LED, these are great.

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