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Camcorder viewfinder

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Hi Nikolas,

The way to find out is the service manual for the camcorder in question. There could be several different solutions depending on the manufacturer. However I don’t think they could be very complicated.

Great, thanks. Do you know where I could manuals for popular camcorder models e.g. Sony?

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Had only one manual close by an old Sony CCD-F350 B/W view finder, seems that it should be no problem to fed composite video right into the view finder board, all voltages for the crt are created there so for this view finder only 5V is needed.
For the LCD,s I don't know.
Hi Ante!
How's things going?
Does the TRV11 or TRV30 have B/W or colour view finder?

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Well, Sony has made a “few” models so you have to be more specific then someone might be able to help out here. I have manuals for Sonys CCD TRV11 (19Mb) and for the DCR-TRV30/TRV30E (15Mb) if it’s any of these. 8)

Well, I was thinking that Sony would use a similar system for all it's camcorders. I don't have a busted camcorder to test so my question is rather general. I have an DCR-HC42 with a colour v/f but no interest in taking it apart  ;D

SM2GXN thanks for the info
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