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URGENT urgent

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hello ,
how r u genius guys .Well can u plz help me .Well i have made a amplifier with OPAMP in which i give input through mic and output through SPEAKERS.

Well i want to make the same  amplifier with the help of discrete components.
in which i can give input through mic then preamplifier with amplify it and then push pull transistor can amplify further.
well amplifier should be made with the use of BJTS.

thz in advance.It is just bcoz of u people i think i can make that ciruit with discreta components.


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About the PreAmplifier I sent, I should say that, I do NOT think if it will drive a Speaker.

The Output of this preAmplifer Should be connected to a Power Amplifier Like that 10W Amplifier in Project section as I said Before.

I sent these, Because gogo2520  wants to build a descret circuit.

HTH - Shahriar

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