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Stepper motor controll

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I have a project in mind.
    I would like to make a tester for stepper motors that I could but on my bench, Something that looks pro.

The mcu would be a Pic 16f628a or 48a.
    Need to have to Voltage output. One +5 volt for the Pic and Logic. Other 12 - 30 Volt for Motors ( would like varabile voltage and amperage).
    Need buttons. 1. for stop
                          2. for forword
            3. for reverse
                          4. High speed
                          5. low speed
  Need power switch and led indicator.
  Need termials for output 4 for motor coils 2 for commons. And Need 2 for inputs for stop switches.
  Would like Volt and Amp meter for varible voltage and amperage.
  Also would like a 5 volt test ciruit for coil testing (orentation).

  I have programed pic's to run stepper motors thats not a problem and most of the stuff I want to add on my board is in the projects list. I just have to figure out how to put it all togeather.

  I ran across a pile of old printers, The dot matrix kind and have been disassambleing them. What a wellth of parts, motors, gear, rail, guides, switches. power supplies, transformers,and a bunch of metal thingamajigs. This stuff should keep me busy for quiet awhile. Just have to figure out where to start.
                            Any input is welcomed

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dependce form the motor i can suggest yu to use the curent control, in this case the suply voltage for the steper can be 24 ot 48 volts, you will cntrol the current. But if want to test on he low speed may be this is too complex decision. To conol the output voltage you have several possibilities, first use DAC external or change the PIC whit ther uC with integrated DAC. Second use digital potenciometer, and control the output voltage. Third use the PWM for generate the control sygnal for the regulator, or ue directly this PWM to generate the voltage that you need. In all case you must have feedback, for this can use the pic ADC, or if not have a internal ADC, can use a external one.

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Hi Gogo

you could do worse than start where I did, after reading lots of contradictory material I bought a book called Easy Step'n, it's not high tech but down to earth practical advice on the care and feeding of stepper motors and how to get started with them and I highly recommend it.

Best of Luck



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Thanks for the replies.

    I have been pulling out mostly unipolar steppers from 5volts to 30 volts. Some 1.5deg, 7.5deg steps.
  The power supply I have my eye on is multivoltage +5, +12, and +40. Not sure how to use it yet but its nice, pulled out the 2amp transformer had a power switch , filter and fuse conected to it. And had all the wireing with conectors going to the power supply. If nothing eles the power supply dose have some real nice heat sinks on it. It came out of an old odatika printer.
    I'm not sure how to mesure the current on it yet, everything I have done so far has been with low voltage.
    I have the second book Microcontrol'nApps by Square 1, The reason I didn't get the first one is because all it seem to cover was the p16f84 and at the time I was using p16f628a's.
                                        thanks gogo

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