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phillips MC-500/37 schematic? Anything!


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Hi i desprately need to get my hands on the schematic for this thing
i queryed google and got this:


But when i download it all i get is an error message saying this is corrupt!

im probaly an idiot but dont let that stop you from helping a guy out... Thanks



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Hi Inuyasha

Due to file size restrictions in email-boxes and here on this site it was not possible to send the PDF file, its more than 10 Mb large!
I upload it here instead, in two parts, as a RAR archive! This is how you extract
the files: Put the two files in a temporary directory, start the RAR archiver, go to
the temporary directory and mark the biggest file, then click "extract to". Follow
the instructions then.
Here's the first file: [attachment deleted by admin]

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Thank you guys so much this little system is a pain
im sorry i couldnt thank, ya earlier cus my pc crapped out on me
and i had to reinstall EVERYTHING
took a while... cus i got addicted to using the knoppix live cd
i just got too lazy to re-install windows,,
back to the subhect:

this lil monster just blew its amp...
its ok
im still gonna need the circut...
this has become a damage-control situation...
im gonna ditch the cd player... (most of the mechanics were destroyed by kids)
(i got this in a reposession of an apartment and couldnt resist fixing it up)

here are my plans:

remove the usb dac,
remove front panel,
remove control boards,
and build them into a diffrent sys...
main reason: lack of $$$
i have stereos all over the place but this was the only thing i had that
could (under)power my 200W Marantz floor speakers
also the usb part was cool...
any ideas?

ps i also got a kenwood ka-4002 amplifier... on the back it says it draws 102watts
the only prob is... IT's DEAD
i havent had the patients to go mucking about inside..
its very complex...
i cant find the service manual for it either...
thanks and keep up the good work..
sorry for bragging...
(im not exactly an audiophile i just like good sound at high volumes)
Ps. yesterday wuz my birthday i turned 19
but dont let that fool ya
i still am a very creative person and im very much into electronics
(2)years of traning in a vo-ed class Thanks Mr. Macak (my electronics instructor)

(sorry for the long post i got carried away)

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