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Hi Five for Radio Shack

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        I'm am new to electronics, I read a lot off the web and have a little understanding. Lately I have been disasmebleing old printers for the stepper moters and stuff. Now I have a solder sucker one of those spring loaded ones, it works. But today I went to the big town were there is a Radio Shack so while after doing what I had to do in this town I stoped in at radio shack just to look around. Some basic componients lot of cell phones and a desolering Iron. What a Idea ya I'm new. Never seen one of those in the web sites I view. And only 10.99 pluss tax. I bought it and it works. Works good, been playing around with it all day and night Man this the kind of tools electronc guys should talk about to beginners. Talk about a time saver and part saver wow best 11 bucks I ever spent.
                                                      Have fun

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When I first started in electronics I first got desoldering braid then a desoldering bulb and then the spring loaded desolder pump like you had and then i finally bought the radioshack desoldering iron. I have had it for over 5 years now and it still works great. It really is one of the best things to come out of radioshack. It eats tips like crazy if you try to straighten pins while desoldering but sometimes its worth it (on a lot of boards they bend component leads before soldering and bending them while heating the solder is sometimes the only way to gets parts off undamaged). I say to any beginner who is messing with junked equipment for parts get a desoldering iron first and save yourself the hassle and headaches.

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