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200W Audio amp by kemo kits


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Hi Silicon,
That project should use TDA2030A ICs that have an absolute max supply voltage of 44V. The project's supply will produce 42V without being driven hard.

There is no way that the amp will produce 200W. 200W into 4 ohms is a peak-to-peak voltage swing of 80V. At such a high current, the transistors won't saturate very well and the 36V supply is much too low anyway. It will probably produce 112W at clipping into 4 ohms or 70W into 8 ohms.

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hm....  but if would increase base voltage for transistors(change 2.2Om resistors to higher resistance) and choose higer Hfe transistors, + connecting not 4 but 8transistors(T1 with same transistor,T2 with his twin.. and so), so they should not make extreme noise by that 120w... hm?

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