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Need some help with a design idea


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I am very new to the electronics hobby world and some very limited knowledge, but would love some help with a project design.

Here is the problem I am trying to overcome:

I do volunteer work with children and the group I work with are in costume. While work we have a coordinator on a FRS radio to spot for us so we don’t step on the kids. (Very limited view with the head gear on) We also have a voice amp so the kids can hear us. We also, if we can find them, have an “easy listening” device so we can hear the kids.

Well that is a lot to juggle and we do get feed back.

The solution I came up with and help with.

I am looking to make a RF receiver “box” that the voice amp, headset, and FRS radio plugs into. Another “box” that will have a push button SPDT(?) switch attached to it and a RF transmitter. When I press the button on the transmitter it will “switch” the mic from the voice amp to the FRS radio. The radio will be left on VOX mode to be able to transmit when the switch happens. There would have to be some sort of “code” to be set so I don’t activate someone else’s switch, like in garage door openers. I thinking a range of a meter or so would be good. The materials that the signal would have to go through would be foam, fiberglass, cloth, and/or leather.

The transmitter would have to be small and run off a (v battery form factor. There are higher voltage batteries that can be used as long as they do not go over the size of a standard 9V.

The receiver box should be as small as possible for convenience.

A nice-to-have, would be adding a mic input on the receiver box so we can hear the soft voices of the kids. This would be separate from the voice amp and would use the same headset. I know there would be stepping or blending of the radio chatter and outside chatter on the same head set.

If anyone can help me design this, I would even consider paying for the design. I would need parts list and source for the parts.

Please let me know.

One other item I am looking for help on is a small power regular circuit the will only let a max Voltage of 12V through, but will not impede lower Voltage. I have an application that needs 12V, but will function on 9V just not as well. (i.e. lower output.) Once again this must be small do to space constraints.

Thanks for any help.

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That project sounds kind of difficult, especially if you have a limited knowledge of electronics. I don't know much about RF stuff, so I can't help you here, but anything with radio waves is kind of tricky, in my opinion. Hope you get it figured out, though. If I find anything that will help you, I'll let you know. :-)

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I remember reading your post a while back, but didn't have time to reply that day... Sorry I'm late.
My idea is just to use your existing radio and voice amp with one mic... when you push the push button it will come out the voice amp. When you let go of the button you will be talking on the radio. I am attaching a schematic. If you have any questions just ask...

For your second question: as long as your input voltage is greater than or egual to 14.6 volts then you can use the 7812 voltage regulator, this will regulate the voltage at 12 volts. You can get this and any other components you need for your project at http://www.futurlec.com (radio shack may have most of the parts tho)


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