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need help on project amplifier design

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Hi Naveen,
                Do u have any specifics of what do u want in class B (pushpull , complementary symmetry, transformer coupled) or class C (what;s the conduction angle that u;r looking for and what frequency range?? Is this yr university project??  and both these amplifiers are for what output power ratings???.....what;s the supply voltage u intend to use??? Answer these questions and i "may" be able to help u

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Hi Naveen,
I assume that your amplifiers must drive a speaker. Have you set an output power and speaker impedance for your project?

Have you studied the classes of audio amplifiers since class-B and class-C have terrible distortion? Usually class-AB is used for an audio power amplifier. Have you set a distortion limit for your amplifiers?

How far have your amplifier designs progressed?

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hi audioguru,
                    you write about the distortion of class b & c amp. i know it very well but the project isassigned to me from college faculty to design of audio amp. using bjt without using opamp or ic & project shold be completed by using very basic circuit of class b & class c. There is no specification about speaker imprdence & o/p power.So please help me & reply as soon as possible  @ [email protected]

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