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Request: Practical transformer design handbook-Lowden

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Request for the following book:

Lowden, Eric, Practical transformer design handbook, 2nd ed., Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, 1989, ISBN 0-8306-3212-3.

About this book:

This is a fairly useful book dealing with transformer design at a practical level without much theoretical detail. It includes information you need to know on how to figure out what that surplus transfomer is, or to make/modify one from scratch. It takes the theoretical design information and puts it in a practical context, as well as providing a lot of "rules of thumb".

This would be a nice book for the dumpster diving engineer :)

Thanks in advance !

Cryonic, all time champion dumpster diver ;D

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Hi @Ante,

Thank you for the offer, but I already have many books on this subject, however not of such a practical nature as the above mentioned. Providing a lot of "rules of thumb", I thought would have been useful to our members though.

It will take me several month, before I get round to sorting out all my backed up information. It is spread out over several high capacity external hard drives, and is unsorted and nearly all files have to be properly renamed too. Eventually I will make a text file available of all the electronics related information that I have gathered, in the form of; article/book title, volume, edition, writer, publisher, date, number of scans, format & size. The same also has to be done to several thousand files related to other subjects. Maybe there will be something of interest to our members here, that eventually when sorted out, can be made available via an upload to the Forum.

I am going to be down for a few days now, for my hard drives are full and have to be sorted out and backed up.



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