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Engineering Electromagnetics Solution Manual?


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Sorry to go off topic here but how do you go about getting solutions manuals for textbooks?  Is there an easy way to do it or find them?  I always wondered where the hell people got these things from. ???  Like could I get one for my Signals book by John Wiley and Sons publishing?  I just feel like the kid who got left out when it comes to these sort of things cause everyone seems to have one but me.  :-\

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I dont know how the other guys do it. But you can find some books by using a p2p program such as emule. You can also search the bittorrent network.

You can search for edonkey/emule files here

Once you've what you are looking for, open the ed2k link with emule. http://www.emule-project.net/home/perl/general.cgi?l=1
Note: you can also search the emule/kad network directly from the emule program.

There are probably other ways to obtain these books that I'm not aware of.

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