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Hi Tendi
I have copied book of the service manual.I can perhaps try and scan and e-mail it to you but I do not know what the quality of the diagram will be.
What is the problem with the tv, maybe I can help.
My problem is that the tv's led just flicker. I still need to check what the problem is.

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Hi Floris,

Thanks for your reply. I hope to receive the manual if/when you email it. As for your problem of flickering Led, the line output section is not running. So check the line transistor for shorts or leakage. Check also the flyback transformer for inter-turn shorts. Also check for cracks under the FBT. Hair-line cracks are common under heavy components like FBT.

If all these are ok, then check the line drive from the jungle i.c. tb1226en, through to the line driver. Hope you succeed.

My problem is that the screen appears blank but the OSD is displayed ok and the sound is ok. I used a datasheet for the tb1226en and I disconnected pin# 21 and shorted it to ground thru 1k resistor. A picture then appeared but the OSD dissappeared. I then left it like this until I get service manual. But I think it's the cpu. What do you think?


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