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Hey all. New member ere. A little help please??

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first of all, i'd like to say it's been an interesting read of the forum topics.

I'd like help on something.

I have a nickel coil, that glows hot due to high pressures within an internal combustion engine. The two ends of the coil aren't linked to anything; the coil only glows because the pressures are so high, and not because of a current induction or anything.

Since the two ends of the coil are free, is there anyway that I could wire up the coil to something that would limit it's heating under the high pressures?? Would Infra Red emitting nicket respond to any type of frequency of some sort.

I'd like to be in a position where I could apply some sort of input (within the two ends) and prevent the coil from heating up.

I hope this doesn't sound too odd  ::) Well it's worth asking  ;D

Looking forward to any ideas / suggestions. thanks all!!

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Why would you want to reduce the temperature of the coil?  Isn't it there with the intention that it get hot to aid in ingition of the charge in the engine?  Are you getting preignition or some other malfunction related to the temperature of the coil?

And no, there is no electrical heat sucker that can be applied to the ends of the coil.  Conceivably you could heat sink the ends of the coil to the engine cylinder head, but that is a pretty inefficient path for the heat to take to reach the sink.  IR emitters have to radiate their energy to lower temperature IR receivers.  I suppose that, if the walls of the cylinder are a lot cooler than the coil, some radiative transfer could take place if you had IR emitting nickle.


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