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How could I stop a nickel coil from emitting IR?


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first of all, i'd like to say it's been an interesting read of the forum topics.

I'd like help on something.

I have a nickel coil, that glows hot due to high pressures within an internal combustion engine. The two ends of the coil aren't linked to anything; the coil only glows because the pressures are so high, and not because of a current induction or anything.

Since the two ends of the coil are free, is there anyway that I could wire up the coil to something that would limit it's heating under the high pressures?? Would Infra Red emitting nicket respond to any type of frequency of some sort.

I'd like to be in a position where I could apply some sort of input (within the two ends) and prevent the coil from heating up.

I hope this doesn't sound too odd  ::) Well it's worth asking  ;D

Looking forward to any ideas / suggestions. thanks all!!

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There is *currently* no way to extract energy away from the coil ;(

To my mind this is a glow-plug in a model-engine, that runs with methanol. The combustion cycle generates the heat that keeps the coil hot, and that ignites the next cycle again, getting heat from burning to be able to ignite again.

The plug is not connected to power after startup. But to cool it down requires either cooling, or stopping the engine with other means.

Mechanically that is very hard to do.

Maybe a custom-made plug, with some kind of screening mechanism for the coil?

Or removing the coil far enough from the combustion chamber into some pipe?

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Black tape in a I.C.E? Sticky..

I would like the question about (Why) answered.  Maybe the IR or Heat isn't the real issue.
Is there some 'sub-visual' bias gong on here?

What little I know about 'glow plug' engines tells me that removing the coil
would cause the engine to stop working.

So I guess that it it should be there, maybe it 'should' be glowing ?


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