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Need: Ferrite SLUGS - please read


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I've tried for about a month to find ferrite slugs all over the internet - without result. I need about 1000 feritte slugs at 3.5 mm diameter - about 8-10mm length. I gave several from old TOKO coils, but I need to buy them ASAP, - and as I've mentioned - I cannot find any resources.
Maybe someone "met" those slugs or have any idea where to look?

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Thaks for responding rigdoctor99
I live in Israel, but I have friends all over the world, and I'm buying sometimes large (or small) quantities of components from all over the world, including UK and if there is any manufacturer or seller who sells such things, I see no problem for sending by mail. I can try to send someone to take the parcel as well, but I cannot find any address :(

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