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Voltmeter for Solar Batteries

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Hi All,

I have a mate who has a large solar setup for his house and was asking me about some sort of voltmeter setup for him to be able to read easily which bank of batteries need charging.

Please excuse my ignorance, but would it be as simple as rigging up the voltmeter project posted elsewhere across each bank of batteries and obtaining a readout from this? It sounds a bit simple and I am wondering about the current these battery packs pass (old forklift batteries). The batteries are wired in parallel to get 12v and 500 amp (by what he has told me??? would this be right? I could understand 50 amp, but 500....)

Are there things I should be taking into account when thinking about this (besides a supply for the meters)?

Looking forward to replies,


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Hi cynicmonster,

I see no problems connecting a voltmeter to these batterys; just don’t drop your monkey-wrench on the batterys doing it! You should have the greatest respect for the current in these batterys with there low internal resistance they can produce 3000 – 5000 A easy if you short circuit them.  8)

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