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Lowpass filter for subwoofer


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i mean u will also put  an arrow on the other parts that u dint make    u already know that it is unclear to me          last april 1 i send that pcb copy in some electronic store here in the phillipines but un fortunately    they do not knowthe  values of the parts    that why i beg u for ur help

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                experimenting on your projects can really help!!! and it will increase your knowlege about electronics!! and also dont forget to put some personal
touch in your projects. because as far as i know also in my opinion electronics
is modern art. ok !!!

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I agree belong, however, it can also cause your project to go up in smoke if you experiment the wrong thing. As staigen pointed out, it is helpful to find tutorials and to read some publications before jumping into something you are totally clueless about.  pfoooof!!!!
If you let the smoke out of the circuit, it will not work  :)


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The 22k pot. on the PCB is wired up differently than the schematic!?
Wich ones right? ???

Hi Zak,
Welcome to our forum. ;D
The 22k pot is a dual pot. Maybe you found another problem with this project.
I said it before about it: "This project's schematic, its parts list, its pcb layout and its photo don't agree with each other."
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havnt been here for ages  :o

anyway, ive finished this project (almost) lol, and i dont hav a 39pF cap so i used a 56pF metallized caps for now, works ok... you might need a preamp on the output as well

you only need 4 100nF ceramic caps
what are the 180nF and 100nF metallized caps for?

you dont need high voltage caps as the project only needs 2x 9v (or about that) batteries to run

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Hi Collin,
Many people are confused with the errors in this project. It is too bad nobody fixed the mistakes in the parts list and on the schematic.

The parts layout drawing is correct except the LED is shown backwards.
Look at the picture. It clearly shows ceramic capacitors and metallized plastic ones.
Here are my notes:

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Please do not make duplicate posts. I answerered your questions about our Lowpass Filter for Subwoofer project in your other post.

The parts list and schematic in the project are still wrong. The parts layout and picture are correct. The LED is shown connected backwards on the parts layout.

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The 3 capacitors on the right hand side of your picture are tantalum. Not ceramics.

Collinph: I have moved all of your other posts into this thread. It only confuses everyone when you post your questions many different times in different places. Also, there is a link from the project to read the posts. These are only pointed to one place, so everyone would miss some of your posts if I allowed them to be made in other places.

You can also click on the author's name in the project and ask questions directly if you still have confusion. Much of the confusion is caused when a project is translated from one language to another. Little things like silk screen imaging printed backwards is just something we have to live with when getting free projects from the web. This is part of the reason for this forum.


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