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Where do I look to fix a monitor ghosting problem?


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I'm just an electronics hobbyist,not a service tech. Can anyone tell me where I should start troubleshooting my eMachines CRT monitor? It shows a slight out of focus at the bottom right of the screen and there's also a slight "ghosting" with an orange color of a part of any object displayed there. For example, any icons at that part of Windows' task bar exhibit an orange smudge of their borders to 1 mm beyond to the right and below their borders. The problem used to start only 15 minutes after turn on, but now it's present all the time. Other than that, the monitor is fine. Thanks for any help guys.

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Don't think it is a good idea to degauss a crt with a loudspeaker magnet it will get even worse and if you place a magnet to close to the front of the crt you can actually damage the crt and you are looking for real trouble. Degaussing is usually done by running ac current throgh a coil at the front of the crt just about in the same way as the degauss circuit in a crt monitor or tv works.
Your ghosting could depend up on several things, bad vga cable, drivers?
If the colours doesn't seem to be right degauss is probably the solution for your problem.
Check this link also: http://wiki.ehow.com/Degauss-a-Computer-Monitor
Bad focus can be adjusted to a certain limit but if the crt is bad it can't.

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with the name of allah
dear \eng
i think this a problem take tow side
the frist one i think at the viga cable
the last  at put drive above the youh deflection you can move the put drive lleft or right in order to balance this foucs
you can do that and told as the rethalt

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You are right it has nothing to do with a magnetized crt, I can't really come up with any bright idea. It sounds though that your problem could be temperature related, have you tried to switch to another resolution?
If the focus adjustment potentiometer goes bad it usually show up either partly or all over the entire screen not any smudged colours like you have on the other hand a bad screen grid potentiometer could mess things up.
Sorry but can't come up with anything else  :(

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