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[Needed]: 40816229 IC Datasheet

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Hi all,

i need some help, i will be very greatfull to you,

one of my nephiew has a remote control toy car, which is operated at 27MHz frequency, (and ofcourse it is MADE IN CHINA)

Inside the Remote Control a few components are their,
3X  S9018 Transistors
Few Resistors, Inductors, Capacitors................ and of course their is one IC (14 pin), The printed numbers on In are

TX-2        40816229

I try to search about this IC, at first i thought it is a CMOS IC of CD4081.......but found me wrong........... as CD4081 - pin 14 is VCC and pin 7 is Ground........
And at this IC (mentioned above) has -ve supply connection of Battery at pin 14.......

I am so much confused about this IC, if anyone knows about it, having datasheet of it................


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