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I used the one from intelore. The trial version only allows a password length of 3. So I searched the net and got the crack. The brutforce method according to the program will take several hundred years to finish with a max passwd length of 7 (only lower case letters). So I selected dictionary crack, selected to use words with "V", and in a few seconds it found the password.

Just letting you know what happend logan.

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Hi chief11
So what is 'vampire' for?
And more importantly what is the password for E_May06.rar?

Hi Zeppelin

I believe the password 'vampire' is for the file attached to the first post in this thread. I don't know what the password for this file is, if someone knows, please share the information :)
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slackjack,u found the password of may06 file? and if I'm right it came out to be "vampire"....... that's what r u saying?  but why Zeppelin saying that it is not working......
Ok! Now I'm going to try it myself! hope net will not d/c during loading.....

Slackjack, Is there any way that the part of file which has been downloaded just before my net disconnects can be saved and when i again try it....it just resume from there?????

It is really irritating for me..... Even from the electronic sources section,I was unable to download books due to d/c....

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Thanx chief,
sorry for creating so much trouble.....But I don't know that language........Do u know that  :) or just hit and trial....... i should have noticed the role of 'www.sonsivri.com'  >:(
Logan_dslasher what's the RULE OF 20 DNLOAD?  ???

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