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nearing the 20,000 memebers mark


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:)well when they reach 20,000  i guess we can all email each other a liuqiud crystal drink with any lcd displays.  ive been keeping track on the growing membership  and the views, of how many people view the stuff in the high voltage stuff section , one day it jumped around 500 or more i think it was in just a few days but that was once, and that was the high voltage photo flash capacitor charger topic

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lolz.. you got me there virus!  ;D ehehe.. anyway, i think there will be more of "anna" in my workplace.. wish me luck in finding a decent job..  ;)

i have joined laots of forums, this is the only one that i am active because of the really nice discussions.. it's just like school.. i learn everyday reading the posts..  let's keep up the good work!  ;D

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Yeh, totally agreeing, this site rocks ! ! ! ! ! 8) 8) 8) 8)

Almost 20 000 members and still no one can even give me a hint on how to set out the best way of doing this thing, to help with my project, and make it work. Any advice of how to what, where and when will be appreciated

Come on guys I need help! :P :P :P :P

((((  Posted: on: April 17, 2006, 12:47:47 PM
Does any one know of a small electronics production company that can help me produce small pcd boards 1 sided,

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i have predicted that it'll take 49 days before we reach the 20k members mark.. well, only after a month and a day we are at 19912.. we are short of only 88 more members! will mixos give a prize to the 20,000th member?! ehehe..

let's admit it, we are doing a heck of a job keeping this site up and running! this site is really the best in electronics! ehehe.. CONGRATULATIONS to us!  ;D  8)

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cheers to electronics lab this site will grow and someday be the biggest and best electronics site on the net

Someday?!  :o i think that "someday" was a year ago!  :P ;D  i believe that this forum can get a rating equivalent to that of a 5-star hotel!  ;)

congratulations to mixos! ..and of course to the rest of us!

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