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Simple transistor question (probably)


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Hey again everyone, just one simple question about transistors:

Why do people say something like 'a transistor typically has .6V from its gate to its emitter and .2V from its collector to its emitter'?? Doesn't the voltage get determined by the rest of the circuit?

Like for instance, if I put a 10K resistor connected to a transistors collector then saturate it, would there still be .2V between the collector/emitter? How about 100K? Or how about 1G? The way I'm understanding it, no matter how absurd your resistor value for that circuit, there will always be .2V from collector to emitter. (And the same goes for the base-emitter voltage, always .6V??)

Thanks for helping me with this one, I probably have a few other transistor questions lingering in my mind but I'll look for those later

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As you say, those values are "typical".  If you had 1mA of collector current and you saturated the transistor, the Vce sat voltage would be VERY different if you had 10A flowing instead. The Vbe will also change depending ion the base current. Vbe also changes with temperature 2mV/

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