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Guidance requested on career.


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Greetings, everyone.

I'm torn.

Currently I'm an electronics tech in northeast ohio at a small firm manufacturing goodies for the commercial and residential hvac markets.

It is entry level, and great work with a great bunch of people. Of course, I would like to move up. So, my question.

What are the opportunities for someone going into the electronics engineering side as opposed to, say, computer science/engineering? Because I have an interest in both. I enjoyed creating my own programs at tech school (it was BASIC), and I also enjoy hardware for the "realness" of it.

It seems as though there isn't as much money in hardware. If I do go the comp route, there's a problem because I have no comp work experience. I would simply get certs before undertaking more expensive formal education and hope for the best.

Suggestions, ideas? Thank you. This is my first post, but I've perused the site, and it is very well done.

Thank you.


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