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help plzzzzzzz


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This is a very hard question since it depends upon what is being converted to a display. Some examples: Direct connection from parallel port is possible. No ICs. A digital signal from a micro controller can be used without any ICs, whereas an analog signal will need a little help. A voltmeter IC such as 7107 can connect directly to a LED Display. We have a project in our "Projects" section based on this. See the link at the top of the page for "Projects".
A circuit used with digital gates normally needs 2 ICs such as 14553 and 14543 to convert the pulses to the correct format........oops, the secret is out  ;D


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    That looks good MP, that should help shahzad-h get started with 7 seg's.
        as far as 5 by 7 dot matrix displays a 74hc595 and a microcontroller would work I have been playing around with scrolling message signs using a pic.
                                have fun gogo                                                               

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