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Adjustable 350-450VDC SMPS??


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Hello Everyone...i already made conventional HV power supply to charge the cap. banks, and the adjustable output obtained using the Variac...but its not very satisfying, its too simple...hahaha

so, currently i'm running a project on SMPS to supply fix 450VDC to charge the capacitor-banks for flashlamp driver (Nd YAG laser stuff...) using the PFC L6561 as the main driver....using the high-PF flyback topologies...and its done...

There was no problem at all about the SMPS design...but i'am a bit worry since I discovered that i need to varies the output voltage in the range of 350VDC min to 450 VDC max... for the sake of variable energy transfered to the flashlamp (since the cap. banks have a fix value..)

i need some advice here on how to provide an adjustable voltage at the output of 450VDC SMPS that was designed to provide a fix voltage at first...can i controlled it digitally maybe using the PIC based controller? but how? please don't laugh...i have no experience at all in microcontroller based projects....

Maybe i need to modify the SMPS? but i prefer not to.... I don't know...i need your helps...hahaha

thanks in advance...regards.

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...hmmm just now someone told me to perform PWM using mcu's....chop the dc line through MOSFET...then catch the average rectangular wave....it make sense...

PWM using PIC? can we vary the duty cycle of the signal using PIC? aaaaaaaaaaaa....i only knew how to generate fix freq and duty cycle using pic...

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