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need Sim Software ?

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I not sure that you need a model for the processor, and I am not sure that Intel can provide some model. They has internal model, but they is not suitable for the PCB design. Actually you no need from this model. Only one that you need is a good PCB soft, in your case the best decision is a Mentor Graphic. You must simulate only the signal quality and delay. Every chip has a DC and AC signal requirements, when you design your board you must read his requirement, and be under the critical parameters. When you construct the motherboard you will has two big problems. First I a time delay and signal form. This is depending from track length and form. If you has a track with different length and form you can have very big different in time delay. If you’re track ahs a big inductance and capacitance, then the front of the signal will be bad.
The second big problem is interference between signal, and EMC compatibility. The Intel a provide simulation model for I/O but actually if you look at chip documentation you can see this models, and use them. This is not easy task. I can suggest before start the design to look at Intel reference design; many of company use directly Intel reference design and make only small correction.

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