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Another Oscilloscope Question


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Hi All,

I'm looking a purchasing an oscilloscope and have a quick question.

Do the probes need to match the frequency range of the 'scope (i.e. can a 10 MHz probe be used on a 20 MHz scope - or can a probe exceed the 'scope)? Will damage occur to the 'scope or probe if they don't match?

Probably a silly question, but hey, where else better to ask it?  ;D



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No you wont damage you scope just because the probes has more or less bandwidth than your scope.
There is cheap good probes on the market for $50-$70, buy probes that have switchable attenuator, 1X 10X.
Check this link, it's quite a common probe dc-150Mhz

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Have a look here & also search for XYZ of oscolloscopes & ABC of probes from Tektronix.

That is one of the best notes written about scopes and probes, cynicmonster do yourself a favour and read them  ;)
Some of its content might not be written for a newbie but there is some useful reading for oscilloscope owners and for those who plan to buy one.
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