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Upload Folder is Full


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Lately, a few people have not been able to attach things and get an error message "Your Upload Folder is Full".
I understand that webspace has a cost, and a few of us make a lot of attachments, but if we are limited in the amount of attachments we can make then maybe we should chat on other sites where there is not a limit.

Another site had an upload limit that I reached and I could not attach more. I fixed it by deleting all my previous attachments, which made all my old posts meaningless.
The administrator saw it and quickly changed the site to have an unlimited amount of uploads.

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Hi AG,

Yes I have noticed that and I realized that I have contributed a great deal to this! To fix this, how about I delete all the e-books and there will be plenty of room for some time ahead? They won’t matter much since they are not involved in any discussions anyway.

This is not the first time this is happening and it’s annoying every time. I tried the other day to upload some books but since the error came up again I decided not to do this any more.

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Hi all
It looks like that the web space allocated to this site is almost full now. In order to keep the electronics-lab alive it's necessary for the owner to upgrade the capacity, otherwise members will be put off & they will start looking in other places; which is a shame really because I believe we have a nice community here.

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Ok, let me a little space to breath  :) ! I altready increased the upload folder size and i would like to notice that the maximum attachment size allowed is 50000 KB, that's 48MB. Keep in mind that you should use this disk space with respect and any file that just takes up space without being usefull to anyone will be deleted without prior notice.


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