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rf coil

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me asking for the calculations of the indutor indectance and the capacitor attach to it

The inductance and capacitance values are far too high to be resonant at the very high RF frequencies used by cell phones. You don't want resonance anyway because cell phones use a very wide range of RF frequencies.

I think:
The capacitor just blocks DC so the base of the transistor is at the proper voltage.
The inductor is just a folded-up antenna.
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can u plz tel me what is the function of the capacitor c2 that is attached to the shorted pin 6 and 7 and then to ground.

The datasheet for the 555 tells you how its monostable works:
When pin 2 is triggered by the transistor driving it to ground, the 555's pin 7 reset transistor
no longer grounds pin 7 so R3 charges C2 until its voltage reaches the threshold voltage of pin 6.
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thanks to all of the contributers to my project.
me got A++ grade in the project.
but i wold strongly recomend that before doing anything just read the monostable operation of the 7555 ic. all the questions wold be solved bc how this circuit works and how the 7555 and the inciming signals works will be clear.

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