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need a simple project


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You could use the LM741 operational amplifier to demonstate some simple function of math such as addition, integration and differentiation.

The simplest one to design is probably the summing amplifier. Set all resistors equal and the output is the negative sum of the all inputs. To get rid of the negative sign use another LM741 as an invertor with a gain of 1.

Summing op amp configuration

Inverting op amp
To achieve a gain of 1, set Rin = Rf.

The output is taken from the inverting op amp. This is actually how they used to do addition and in different configurations; calculus functions. Using volatge to represent numbers.

Hey you said simple  ;D

Alittle more challenging one (using the same LM741) is to design a "force calculator" - the force required to accelerate or decelerate an object. The LM741 must be configured as a differentiator.

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