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Thanx SM2GXN,
As u know I'm new to electronics,I want to study about these transmitters..... so, if you could suggest me any article or book available online,then it will be of great help to me......
May be in the resources section.......but I'm using dialup and unable to download those books due to connection problems now-a-days.....If anyone can filter those books list and specify me which one is the best for studying these transmitters,then I'll arrange from somewhere to get the book on cd.....I know your time is precious but it will be of great help to me.

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For couple of years ago I had dialup so I know what you are talking about :)
There is lots of good books and web pages about transmitters, to understand those books you will have to read some fundamental electronics, there is really no shortcut you have to struggle through all of it :) but please don't give up even though some pages in a book seem to be the most boring you have ever read  ;)
I'll do my best to find something and hopefully there is other people on this forum that can contribute too.

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If there is no shortcut, I will go through anything which will lead me to understanding these......
My subject is electronics but I'm only a beginner and wants to go fast.....that's why I'm always try to understand everything...... I've joined this forum for the same reason and I hope u all will help me.....
Will be waiting for any replies for suggestion of articles or books....

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Thanx Audio,I've seen that before posting ..... Actually,I wanted to know about the benefits and demerits of this IC.......Is it better than those crkts available on the net with discrete parts transistors........ As in my previous posts u said about one or two crkt that they can't be received by normal TV...... One thing more ,here tv system is PAL...... Also I'm not a very practical person,Is this ic commonly available?

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