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digital voltmeter build confirmed


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Moderator I posted this thread here instead of the long thread about the digital voltmeter in hopes that it may inspire someone to build it. If you choose to move it I understand after reading the entire thread I thought that someone might like to know that the schematic and project works correctly with the exception of replacing the 180k resistor with a 100k resistor.

Here are some pictures of the finished board

[img width=680 height=453]

Again the only change I made to the board or components was using a 100k resistor instead of a 180k resistor

Voltmeter works great and I plan on mounting it in a power supply soon

Dennis Waggoner

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This type of feedback is appreciated. I also agree that the other thread has become so large that many will not read all of it. In fact, the schematic was corrected after much of the discussion about problems with it. I have no intention to merge this with the other.

Project looks good. Was there a reason you changed the 180K to 100K? Did you find a problem with 180K or was 100K a more convenient value?


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The Only reason I changed the 180k to 100k was because both the intersil and maxim datasheets for the 7107 call for 100k resistor so I subed them into a prototype when I made it and it worked correctly so I left it in the final version.


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