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Help with radio circuits


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Hey again guys, in need of a bit of help again.

In my robotics class at school (which basically turned out to be a electronics/ infrastructure physics class) we have a summative project due at the beginning of june, and I've got a great idea for the project (mine is a new security feature for a car).

The only problem is, my solution relies on radio electronics to work at its best, and I'm completely clueless in that field

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Electronics Resources? We have a section like that? Link me please =)

I just found an article section and didn't find much there on radio electronics. :)

[EDIT] oh stupid me he was referring to the forums. Hey, good idea ante, thanks. Will definitely check that out.

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Yeah there were a few sites in there that were kinda useful...though nothing that really explained how antennas work going WAY down to the basics. I'm still confused about how an antenna creates a current out of an EM wave hitting it...or does it? See I'm a little boggled about how antennas affect a circuit. To me, they just look like a piece of wire going nowhere, so how do they affect a circuit at all?

I'll try to find a VERY basic circuit for a radio receiver, or if anyone can just throw one together and post it here that would be nice, and just give me a run down of how it works, focusing mainly on how an antenna affects the circuit.

Again, nothing fancy, just the complete basics.

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All I'm looking for is a basic radio electronics tutorial that covers how things fit together in a receiver and a transmitter. Something perhaps that teaches me how to apply the circuit analysis I know as of now to radio circuits.

This is also my problem, how to relate what you study with the practicle projects
if u can't you waste five years in a universty

all text books, net and persons talk about every thing but not about what you want

i hope someone help u and me
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      rigdoctor99 is right about  http://www.101science.com/
  It starts at the basics just  look around and you would be amazed at the amount of information on that site. plus it has all kind of links too.
                                                just have to read a little

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