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car battery tester


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What would be the point? This one is no different than the voltmeters in the dash of cars. When you suggest that someone scrap their project, you should post the replacement that you are suggesting. Thus, a comparison can be made.


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hello, I am new in the forum and new with electronics also.
I am trying to built this circuit but I wonna display a range between 11 and 14.4 volts.
I would be grateful if someone could describe how lm3914 works and furthermore help me calculate the resistor values for this range.

I already have download the datasheet  http://www.national.com/ds.cgi/LM/LM3914.pdf
and a sample circuit  http://www.national.com/an/LB/LB-48.pdf  but with my limited knowledge on electronics  were not that helpful.

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