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Help identify this SMD transistor


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Hello mixos
    Here are two sites I check for information on smd's



and what I find its id at-DK BCX42 Sie N  SOT23 gp audio pnp 125V comp BCX41
                              hope this helps

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Thanks gogo.

I have seen that page but I am confused about the fact that the package doesn't match the SOT-89 that has my transistor. I searched to find out if BCX42 producted with SOT-89 package, but no luck here.

This seems the best match, based on the info i have so far, but maybe it needs a little more search.

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To bad it wasn't a DH
DH BFN19 Sie P SOT89 pnp video o/p 300V comp BFN18
              Thats the closes I can find in a sot 89 so far
          who made the controller

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