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Difficulty finding a page within a single thread

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Why do we need a fix for this? There are a fixed number of messages per page. In the address bar above, see where it ends with .../index.php?topic=6816.0....
This means you are on the first page. For the second, it would end with ../index.php?topic=6816.14...for the third page, .../index.php?topic=6816.28...etc. Go to the first page of a long thread and try this to get you to the page you want.


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Hopefully all can figure it out now that the instruction is out there. There are also the numbers at the top of the message boxes, but that only allows you to go back a few pages at a time.
Also, when you browse around and want a quick bookmark to a thread you will want to come back to, you can just copy the info from the address bar and save it in a text file with some type of description. Much faster than a search.

Have fun!


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