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relay question

Guest 4electros

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Guest 4electros

another question, my relay  with two-contacts is working on certain polarity then not work on the reverse polarity (i mean to the coil of relay), i didn't know about polarity-dependent relay, is that really happens?

please , i need some comments about that!

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Guest 4electros

thanks for your reply.I've searched previously for the datasheet of my relay and couldn't find it, i might not detect the right type in search field....

i can note  some writings on my relay:
made in thailand

does that help?!

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Your relay is made by Panasonic. It is a 12 VDC / 5A relay. Here is a link to the data sheet that will help you understand the markings on the case and what they mean.



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That is not actually true. The first step is to check the data sheet for the relay you are using. If you are using a 5 volt relay with a 6 volt maximum allowed, you are slowly killing the relay by using 6 volts. You also have the worry of surges on the circuit causing the voltage to fluctuate. In this case, you would see a premature failure of the relay when the voltage passes the max rating. The only reason that a circuit might appear that you need more voltage than specified of the relay is if you are asking for too much current through your relay. Then there is a voltage drop. In this case, the correct solution is to get a relay that will handle the current required and stay with the correct voltage rating.


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